Tonka Cat is a charcter in the show, Kittenland. Once she was born, she was dropped off at a farm. A worker there
adopted her, her name was Margaret. Tonka was raised by her, she attended school in a place called Petland. At the school, she found three friends. Their names were Sistercat, Inpy and Luki. Later on they discovered that they were all members of the royal family of Cat. They were dropped off because their family could not handle any more cats. Tonka worked at the CIA (Cat Intelligence Agency) for many years until she became the CEO. All this time she had been fighting with her archenemy Viden. They fought for many years and neither one has died. Aided by her friends they have fought aginst him. They all live together in a large house in Skyscraper Street, Kitty City.

Tonka is one of the main characters in the show, Kittenland.
Full Name: Tonka Cat
Voiced by: Michelle Mers
Age: Unknown

CEO and worker at CIA (Cat Intelligence Agency)